Staff Havens and Donations

Staff Havens

From Monday 30th March the Sports and Social Club at UHW and the Rehabilitation Day Hospital at UHL (located on the ground floor at the end of the East corridor) will be opened as Staff Havens. These spaces will be open 24 hours a day and will offer staff a space for rest and recuperation away from the clinical setting.

The havens will also include:

  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Break-out area
  • Smaller rooms to use as quiet rooms

These two havens have been provided by the Health Board in partnership with the Cardiff & Vale Health Charity. They will also act as drop-off locations for any donations to staff coming into the hospital sites. If you’ve been offered a donation, please email to arrange drop off.

Cardiff & Vale Health Charity

The Cardiff & Vale Health Charity are offering help and support to all areas within Cardiff and Vale UHB during these difficult times. Can they help you?

If you need something to support the wellbeing of you, your colleagues or your patients, please let them know by completing this short form.

Cardiff & Vale Health Charity is the official charity of the UHB and is centrally coordinating the support for our staff. While I understand that staff are meaning well by trying to secure donations from their areas, I would ask that before they do, they liaise with the Health Charity team. As you can imagine, some departments are receiving many more donations than other departments. 

So that everyone can get some help when they need it, can you please let our Health Charity know by emailing about any donations that you receive so that we are able to centralise them and distribute them around departments accordingly.

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